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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Rectangle Cushion

With the help of laser & other mechanical machines, we carve out rectangle shape foam from a large foam piece. It’s perfect to create mattresses, foam cushions for furniture or boat cushions, pillow stuffing, or specialty foam packaging material, all available in a variety of foam types and firmnesses. Rectangular Shape foam can completely transform an old sofa and bench, restoring its previous quality and degree of comfort. The best thing is that changing your sofa cushions is far less expensive than replacing your entire furniture set! You may also use this foam to replace unusual mattresses and bed sizes for dogs and youngsters. We can assist you in obtaining rectangle shape foam in High Density, Luxury, High Resilience, and Latex foam, which are commonly used in furniture cushions and foam mattresses. Polyurethane foam in the shape of a rectangle is frequently used in arts and crafts such as costumes, packing, and shipping. Because of its pressure-relieving properties, rectangle shape memory foam is commonly used in foam mattresses. Charcoal foam in rectangular shape has various uses, including packaging and shipping, foam inserts for cases, sound dampening, and more. Rebond rectangle shape foam is rigid and long-lasting, perfect for carpet padding, motorcycle seats, and other heavy-duty applications. Closed Cell rectangle shape foam is strong, rigid, and non-porous, ideal for workout mats, hot tub coverings, and other applications. Because of its open-cell porous structure, Dry Fast foam in rectangular shape is utilised in outdoor furniture and air and water filters.
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