Triangle Wedge

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Triangle Wedge Cushion
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Triangle Wedge Cushion

We take a square or rectangular piece of foam, and with the help of a knife, laser, or special machines, cut it into a Triangle Wedge-shaped foam. It’s highly recommended to make seating & bedding accessories for comfort. It plays a significant role in creating high-quality pillows, i.e., anti-snoring pillows & anti-acid Reflux pillows, inclined cushion system for back & legs, multi-functional folding pillow for improved blood circulation, post surgery back, neck & leg pain seating pillows, knee support pillows, abs exercise gym equipment, etc. Feel free to reach out to us with specifications for the free estimate. Triangle Wedge-shaped foam is available in Charcoal Foam, Closed Cell Foam, Dry Fast Foam, High-Density Foam, High Resilience Foam, Latex Foam, Lux Foam, Memory Foam, Polyurethane Foam, And Rebond Foam.
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